CERTO leaflet

Download the CERTO overview leaflet explaining how we are working to achieve a harmonised capability to monitor water quality across the entire water continuum from lakes to oceans.

CERTO leaflet

CERTO Newsletter

 An e-newsletter is distributed every six months with details of project progress and highlights. The first edition was distributed in August 2020, shortly after the six-month progress meeting. If you would like to receive the newsletter please complete the short "Register for updates" form in the footer of the website. The next edition will be produced in early 2021, please email with any contributions.

Deliverables completed

Data visualisation portal

A data visualisation portal has been developed which offers access to Sentinel 2 and Sentinel 3 data using current algorithms. There are a wide range of indicators available to view for each of the CERTO case study areas. 


DIAS comparison

CERTO has undertaken a comparison on the Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) which are cloud-based platforms to facilitate and standarise the access to Copernicus data and information. This information has been summarised on a website and will continue to be updated as the service offerings evolve.


Project logo

Download the CERTO logo below as png files in various formats. 

Logo with text (light backgrounds)
Logo with text (dark backgrounds)
Logo without text (light backgrounds)
Logo without text (dark backgrounds)

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